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Date: 27 june 2019 (Thursday)

Time: 08:30 h – 17:00 h

Fee: 120 €

Limited number of places (about 50 for each visit)



Registered conference delegates have the option of visiting either :

    1. IFTS, Roger Ben Aim Center and a waste water treatment plant in Agen 
    2. Polymem facilities and ultrafiltration plant
    3. The medieval city of Carcassonne 

Fees include transportation to the different places from the conference center, technical visits, a cultural visit and lunch. 



Technical visit 1 : IFTS, Roger Ben Aim Center and a waste water treatment plant in Agen 


IFTS, “Institut de la Filtration et des Techniques Séparatives”, International Filter Testing Services is a non profit organization (Association Loi 1901) with membership, accredited (ISO 17025) and certified (ISO 9001) laboratory and research centre (labels SRC Research and Technology organization and CRT : Technical Ressources Centre) focusing on fluid filtration and separation science.

Roger Ben Aim Test Center, founded in 2018, is a unique test platform in Europe located along the Garonne river and close to the famous canal bridge just between a drinking water production plant and a domestic sewage treatment plant.


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Technical visit 2: Polymem facilities and ultrafiltration plant


Polymem, French independent SME located in the Toulouse area (, established in 1997 by two engineers specializing in hollow fiber membranes for water treatment, manufactures water filtration membranes and modules for the water treatment markets.

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Program of the day:

9.00 am - Meeting at Polymem’s facility in Castanet

9.30 – 12.00 am - Polymem products presentation, visit of Polymem hollow fiber membrane module manufacturing facilities

12.00 to 3.00 pm - Travel from Castanet Tolosan to the UF plant site and lunch 

3.00 – 4.30 pm - Visit of an Ultrafiltration treatment plant with Polymem membrane 

4.30 – 6.30 pm - Return trip to Toulouse



Technical visit 3: the medieval city of Carcassonne 


The City of Carcassone is a unique fortified ensemble of medieval buildings, listed as World heritage by UNESCO. It is known to be one of the largest and best preserved medieval cities in Europe. Perched on a hill and ideally located on the trade and migration route of the southern France, the city has been fortified over the centuries and considered impregnable.

With a guide, you will walk in the medieval streets and admire the Basilica of Saint-Nazaire and Saint Celse, a perfectly harmonious union of Roman and Gothic architecture. During lunch, you will discover regional gastronomy and then you will have free time to discover the shops of the city.

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