Guidelines for posters

Posters presentations are organised in 2 sessions, Session 1 on monday evening and Session 2 on tuesday evening. The list of posters for each session will be fixed and presented on our website on 15th june. If your poster is in Session 1 you will have to bring it on monday 24th june early morning, and if your poster is in Session 2 you will have to bring it on tuesday 25th june early morning. 

You have to print and to bring your poster to the Conference

Guidelines for the preparation of a poster presentation


 The poster should be legible from a distance of 2-3 meters. Standard size for posters is 0.85 x 1.2 m (A0 standard) vertically oriented. Therefore, please find the following specifications:

  • the minimum size should be 20 cm for graphs;
  • 3 cm for the paper’s title and the names/adresses of the authors in the heading lable;
  • 1,5 cm for sections headings such as introduction, results, labelling of figures and tables;
  • 0,8 cm characters in height for further text
  • Line spacing: 1,1 cm at minimum; 10 of such lines correspond to one figure.
  • Please use colours, symbols and schemes for improved clarity.
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